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When a patient has severe heart failure like this they are fighting for their lives. We can often help by inserting devices which can support the pumping action of the heart. These include Cardiac ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and VADs (Ventricular Assist Devices). In order to provide these patients with such specialist care we often have to transfer them from their home hospitals to MFT.

The Heart Failure service operates outpatient clinics every weekday and has been widely recognised for the holistic care provided, treating the whole patient rather than just the condition. The service has close links with the transplant unit, echocardiography service and pacing service, and also takes part in a large number of international pharmaceutical trials.

Tests and treatment

Specialised investigations offered include cardiopulmonary exercise testing (only one of four centres in the North West), serum BNP testing, cardiac MR scan imaging and cardiac transplant / LVAD assessment (the only centre in the North West).


The Service undertakes a number of research studies in collaboration with national and international partners and appropriate patients will be given the opportunity to take part.


Patients can be referred by GP letter to:
Heart Failure and Assessment Unit
Consultant Cardiologists: Dr Simon Williams / Dr Steve Shaw
Department of Cardiology
Wythenshawe Hospital

Tel: 0161 291 4592 / 0161 291 4591
Fax: 0161 291 4593

Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF)
Patients can be referred by GP letter to:
Dr. Chris Miller Department of Cardiology
Wythenshawe Hospital

Tel: 0161 291 2402
Fax: 0161 291 2389