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Heart valve disease refers to abnormalities in function affecting any of the four valves that ensure flow of blood through the heart in the correct direction.

It is an increasing problem in the UK and can cause progressively worsening symptoms of breathlessness and fluid accumulation if left untreated.

Disease of heart valves can cause narrowing (stenosis) or leaking (regurgitation) of the valve. This results in reduced or inefficient flow of blood through the heart. This “back-up” of blood impairs the pumping action of the heart and can cause an increase in the blood pressure in the lungs.

The main treatment is either medical therapy or open heart surgery and valve repair or replacement. A major area of innovation is the development of less invasive, “keyhole” valve procedures. MFT provides a high level of expertise in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of all types of valve disease.


MFT has a specialised team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons that deliver high class treatment for valve disease in a co-ordinated and integrated way.

Imaging Services: Our imaging specialists have internationally recognised skills in a range of imaging techniques, including advanced echocardiography (ultrasound), magnetic resonance and CT, to provide detailed and expert evaluation of heart valve disease.

Cardiac surgery: all types and complexity of heart valve disease are treated, resulting in excellent outcomes which are recognised at a national level. Our surgeons perform a high volume of cases each year and use advanced techniques to deliver the best individualised treatment.

Structural Valvular Heart Disease Intervention: MFT is nationally recognised in this field for providing state-of-the-art, innovative valve treatments. This technique involves using a catheter – a flexible tube inserted through a small incision in the groin. This is an option for patients at higher risk from conventional open heart surgery.

Tests and Treatment

Cardiac (heart) surgery

For patients with coronary or valvular heart disease whose symptoms can not be controlled with medication, lifesaving surgery can be necessary. The North West Heart Centre is one of the leading specialist surgery centres in the UK for life-saving coronary bypass surgery valve operations transplant and artificial heart surgery.

Structural Valvular Heart Disease treatments

TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation): MFT is a well established and reputed centre for treatment of patients with narrowing of the aortic valve (aortic stenosis) that are unable to undergo surgical aortic valve replacement. The service provides efficient care for all patients in the Greater Manchester region with excellent outcomes.


MFT is one of only three centres in England to be selected to provide this treatment under the NHS Commissioning through Evaluation programme. This catheter based procedure is a repair technique for selected patients with a leaky mitral valve (mitral regurgitation).

Paravalvular leak closure: MFT provides a service in this highly specialised area of catheter based device closure techniques for leaking (regurgitant) surgically implanted prosthetic heart valves.


MFT has a leading role in research and innovation for patients with heart valve disease.

The research portfolio covers the spectrum of imaging, cardiac surgical and structural intervention fields and is supported by a dedicated clinical research team.


The cardiology and structural valvular heart disease programme has streamlined referral pathways to provide an efficient service.

We have dedicated points of contact for referrers and patients through our specialist nurses and co-ordinators.


Cardiac Specialist Nurses 0161 291 5067 / 0161 291 5076
TAVI and MitraClip Specialist Nurses 0161 291 2749


We are located at the North West Heart Centre.