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The North West Genomic Laboratory Hub (GLH) is one of a network of seven GLHs across the country, which together forms the new national Genomic Medicine Service. Each GLH is responsible for coordinating services for a particular part of the country.

Please note that as of April 2021, the National Genomic Test Directories have gone live. For further information, please see the attached letters below for Rare Disease, Solid Tumour and Haematology Oncology.

The NW GLH has been implementing several quality improvements to align systems across the Liverpool and Manchester laboratory sites. Currently, we are rolling out a new standardised report style for services delivered by the NW GLH to improve consistency and uniformity of the information provided on our reports. Please note that the UKAS accreditation symbol does not feature on the report; it is displayed on our website (under ‘Accreditation’) along with relevant links to our schedule of accreditation. If you have any comments or queries regarding the new style of reports, please contact us.