Abdominal and Chest Wall Reconstruction

When a patient undergoes major surgery to their abdomen (stomach) or chest, they can be left with wounds which are difficult or slow to heal, or which may be painful or prone to infection.
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At MFT our consultant plastic surgeons have experience in dealing with wounds after major and complicated abdominal surgery, including conditions such as enterocutaneous fistula and laparostomy.

We work closely with our consultant general surgeons to plan complex reconstruction, and care for the other needs of our patients including nutrition, stoma care and psychological support.

Operations for major abdominal wall reconstruction include component separation, skin grafting, the use of biological meshes such as Strattice, and reconstruction using flaps – pieces of muscle and/or skin moved from one are of the body to another.

We also have experience in managing complex wounds of the chest wall, for example after thoracic surgery to remove tumours, to perform heart surgery, or following major trauma. Here, we work with our consultant thoracic and cardiac surgeons to plan safe and effective operations to close these wounds.