Plastic Surgery of the Breast

The plastic surgeons at MFT work in collaboration with their consultant breast surgeon colleagues based at the Nightingale Breast Cancer Centre to provide an oncoplastic service to the whole of Greater Manchester.
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Reconstructive breast surgery for patients with breast cancer

Assessment and diagnosis of breast disease is undertaken at the Nightingale Centreby an expert multidisciplinary team, and a plan for surgical management of the breast disease is drawn up with the patient. In some cases, the breast surgeons will operate to remove a cancer, and refer to the plastic surgeons for reconstruction later. On other occasions, the breast surgeons and plastic surgeons will work together to remove a cancer and perform a breast reconstruction at the same time. Your breast surgeon will be able to advise you on the most appropriate option for your condition.

Our consultant plastic surgeons with a special interest in breast reconstruction provide a comprehensive service using modern surgical techniques, including therapeutic mammoplasty, implant based reconstructions, and flap based reconstructions such as DIEP and TUG free flaps for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and LICAP and TDAP perforator flaps for partial breast reconstruction. Following reconstruction, additional procedures are occasionally necessary, such as nipple reconstruction and surgery for symmetry.

Non-cancer breast surgery

The team of plastic surgeons at MFT see and treat a range of developmental breast abnormalities, including breast asymmetry, tuberous breasts (sometimes called constricted breasts), lack of breast growth (amastia or hypomastia), excessively large breasts, and enlarged male breasts (gynaecomastia).

Please note that many of these procedures require approval of an individual funding request by your local clinical commissioning group (CCG). Your GP will be able to refer you to our service, but will also be familiar with the rules for these funding requests. It often saves time to go through this process first as our plastic surgeons are not involved in the application or appeals process.


Patients are referred for breast reconstruction through the Nightingale Centre or from other hospitals where breast cancer surgery is performed. Patients seeking correction of non-cancerous breast problems are referred by their GP, but please note the comments above regarding individual funding requests.