Thoracic Surgeons

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Wythenshawe has been the centre with the highest number of lung cancer resections in the country in the last two National publications with excellent survival results ( We have expertise in both minimally invasive surgery and complex oncological resections. Please contact us directly via switch board for further inquiries (0161 998 7070).

Highlights of the Service include…

  • An established Minimally Invasive Service which includes – VATS (Video Assisted Thoracoscopic) lobectomies and lung resections, thymectomies, and diaphragm plications
  • A large volume open surgical practice including complex resections, redo operations, multi-disciplinary procedures, and complex resections on cardiopulmonary bypass or ECMO (Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenating). We are supported by a first-class cardiothoracic intensive care unit
  • Metastasectomy practice with the Christie Cancer Centre. We are now performing this with surgical lasers.
  • Neurofibroma multi-disciplinary team meetings or MDT’s
  • Sarcoma/Chest wall service – principal referrals from Christie
  • 24/7 Acute Airway intervention service
  • Elective Airway multi-disciplinary team meetings with Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgeons
  • Complex procedures with spinal surgeons, cardiac surgeons, plastic surgeons
  • National Aspergillus centre with a Surgical MDT for relevant cases
  • Sectored model of MDTs– with video-linking to allow two consultant presence at all MDTs
  • High Risk MDT – the first of its kind nationally – to address complex cases with anesthetists, respiratory physicians, and surgeons simultaneously
  • Emphysema MDT – monthly with access to surgical LVRS, Endobronchial valves
  • Teaching and Training – We are involved in the education of work experience students, medical students, junior surgical trainees, and specialist registrars, and visiting consultants. We train both local and international surgical trainees to a high standard giving them exposure to a wide range of thoracic surgical procedures with both didactic and hands-on surgical exposure. If you wish to inquire about training opportunities please contact our education lead (Mr. Rammohan)
  • Invited Experts – We maintain close connections with Thoracic Surgeons both nationally and internationally. Experts are invited to give lectures, proctorships, and surgical demonstrations and for educational events.


Mr Eustace Fontaine – Thoracic Surgeon

Mr Felice Granato – Thoracic Surgeon

Mr Vijay Joshi – Thoracic Surgeon

Mr KS Rammohan – Thoracic Surgeon

Mr Somshekar Ganti Thoracic Surgeon

Mr James BarrThoracic Surgeon