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Trafford Perinatal Parent and Infant Mental Health (Health Visiting) Trafford’s Health Visiting Service offers an evidence based listening/support service for women in the perinatal period (pre and post childbirth) who experience symptoms of depression, low mood or anxiety which meet the Trafford Perinatal Maternal and Infant Mental Health Pathway’s criteria for extra support.

An approved assessment tool such as the EPDS (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale) is used to inform assessments.

Women are offered a comprehensive assessment and a package of listening visits at a mutually convenient location, using a holistic approach; always having the parent and infant relationship in mind.

Mothers can also attend the Baby & Me parent and infant mental health group run by Health Visitors and facilitated by the Specialist Health Visitor for Parent and Infant Mental Health. There is a supportive weekly Parent and Infant Mental Health drop in offering easy access to and facilitated by the Health visitor for Parent and infant mental health. Fathers are very welcome at the drop in.

Where appropriate women are referred on and ‘stepped up’ to other agencies.

Parents and infants are also supported to experience positive parent-infant interactions, to promote sensitive and responsive early relationships by use of NBO (Neonatal Behavioural Observation) and are referred for NBAS (Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale) where concerns are expressed. Parents are encouraged to use the ‘Getting it right from the start – Understanding your baby’ resource.