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Nurse Manager - Outpatients B, Fracture Clinic, Wythenshawe Hospital/Withington Main Outpatients Department

On a typical day

I start at 8.00am and organise the clinics in the departments. I make sure all clinics are staffed and that all the patients will be seen safely. I look after three different areas so I split my time in Outpatients B, in Fracture Clinic and in Withington Hospital. I am responsible for up to 30 staff members a day and, on busy days, nearly 600 patients attend our departments.

My nursing journey and career

I came into nursing a bit later in life. I was living in Italy and applied to university in the lovely town of Cuneo. I had been to university before in Romania and decided to do nursing because we have two generations of nurses in my family.

After completing my nursing degree in 2013, I came to the UK in 2014 and started working as a Registered Nurse in Endocrinology.  My next role was as a theatre Scrub Nurse, and in this role I was first introduced to clinical research, eventually becoming a Senior Research Nurse looking after Gynaecology patients.

In 2018 I became a Nurse Manager in Outpatients, becoming responsible for the running of 3 different departments over 2 sites and over 50 staff members. I have enjoyed every moment, providing outstanding care for my patients and training the future generations of nurses to excel and grow into carers, nurses and leaders.

One way I’ve made a difference as a nurse or midwife

Outpatients is a very busy and paramount area for the patients attending our services. Making sure we see our patients as booked often makes the difference between them being admitted to hospital or not, which is really important not only for the patient but also for the service.

What would you say to someone considering a career in nursing & midwifery?

Nursing and Midwifery are vocations, not jobs. You will be coming into a profession where you are part of a big family and you will be recognised and valued for your skills. You may choose to do a variety of roles, like I have, or you can stay in the same role for as long as you enjoy your work. You will also find support from a great network of peers to help you cope with the demands of the role.

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