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Matron, Specialist Respiratory, Wythenshawe Hospital

On a typical day

I start work at 8.00am and visit my areas for my daily review. This is to ensure that the ward is safely staffed and identify potential risks or issues within the unit and address them accordingly. I also ensure the senior nurse in the ward is able to facilitate early discharges on the day.

My nursing journey and career

Nursing became my passion and career after caring for my father in his last days of life. I qualified in 1997 in India and came to England in 2003.  Having worked in respiratory medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary for seven years, I moved to a Sister’s post at Wythenshawe Hospital in 2010.  I progressed into the role of a Ward Manager at the North West Ventilation Unit (NWVU), later becoming a matron within Respiratory, my role for the last two years.

One way I’ve made a difference as a nurse or midwife

As a Matron my role is to ensure high quality care is delivered to patients and their relatives across the NHS.  I believe that I play an integral part in promoting high standards of clinical care, reducing health inequalities and promoting equality for all, workforce retention and recruitment, staff education and development, compassionate, inclusive leadership and patient safety.

This is achieved through visible inclusive leadership and engagement with patients and families, frontline staff and senior management teams.  Using my leadership and management skills I support the managers and the clinical nursing teams to deliver high quality, safe care to our patients.  One of my key achievements was setting up the Ventilation Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

What would you say to someone considering a career in nursing & midwifery?

Nursing is not just a job but a vocation and it’s all about the patient.  Nursing as a profession can offer a meaningful career, filled with many opportunities, challenges and rewards.  The NHS has a culture of lifelong learning; it supports nurses to obtain the right training to develop their skills and knowledge.

If you want an opportunity to make a real difference by helping people and improve their wellbeing this would be the perfect career for you.

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