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Moving and Handling Advisor, Wythenshawe Hospital

On a typical day

My job is very diverse. I divide my day between the advising and training delivery. I commence work at 8.00am and the first priority dealing with calls and emails requesting advice before I start the daily delivery of my training regime.  I advise in the emergency management of complex handling situations which vary in length and use my knowledge and advising capacity to help minimise risk to patients and staff. I act as a Trust Moving and Handling specialist providing advice to staff and managers at all levels throughout the organisation. I’m accountable for delivery of training interventions plus standalone bespoke programmes, and carry out Moving and Handling audits and provide board level reports on progress.

My nursing journey and career

My career spans 40 years working within the framework of the same Trust. I still remember my first day in 1979 attending the Withington Hospital School of Nursing, and with the support of experienced staff and clinical tutors I qualified in 1981 as a State Enrolled Nurse (SEN). My first post was on an acute medical and renal ward before moving to care of the elderly, where I gained essential experience in using correct techniques to aid mobility and independence of elderly patients.

After gaining further nursing qualifications, I was given the opportunity to become a Key Manual Handling, training staff to ensure the right processes are in place to maintain dignity and care when handling patients. I love my job and each day my learning continues as I problem solve. I’m passionate about staff remaining safe in their work roles whilst moving our patients.

One way I’ve made a difference as a nurse or midwife

Moving deceased patients from a ward to the mortuary requires particular care if they weigh up to 250kg, and I worked with a bed manufacture to design a special bed that would convert into a trolley. This gave staff access to equipment that promoted the transportation of a deceased patient with dignity and respect.

What would you say to someone considering a career in nursing & midwifery?

Nursing reminds me daily of the fundamental humanity inside us all. If you are that one person with a desire to make a difference, help people through their journey of life, then nursing is the job for you!

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