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Complex Care Staff Nurse, Wythenshawe Hospital

On a typical day

Following handover of the patients from the night staff, I would introduce myself to the patients allocated to me and administer their prescribed medication. Recognising deteriorating patients is a critical element working within a medical ward environment, as well as ensuring I am present to answer any questions the patients, their relatives or other members of the multi-disciplinary team may have.

My nursing journey and career

Nursing is my second degree after aeronautical engineering. After spending two years travelling and living abroad, I knew I wanted a career that would benefit not only myself, but others too. I worked in Bury social services for three years upon my return and progressed well, but deciding to study at university to be a nurse was constantly calling. Bury Council were very supportive, allowing me to work whilst at college and after finishing, I gained a place at my first choice of university, The University of Manchester where I spent three very happy (but tired) years gaining my degree in adult nursing.

Whilst at university, I worked for NHS Professionals as a temporary staff member, mainly in complex health. The standout ward where I worked – F4 – were a team I could have only dreamt of working with. However, after the manager suggested I interviewed for my first staff nurse role I couldn’t refuse. I was delighted to be offered the role and have been very happily qualified for eight months, working with the most incredible colleagues and managers.

One way I’ve made a difference as a nurse or midwife

Being a mature nurse, I believe that I bring a wide range of life experiences to the role, including my fun, outgoing and often cheeky personality. I’ll never forget a card I received from a patient’s family saying how I used to make him laugh despite how ill he was, and that it meant a lot to the family to see their loved one smile.

What would you say to someone considering a career in nursing & midwifery?

I don’t believe everyone can be a nurse, it’s incredibly challenging so my advice would be think carefully before committing to the role but once you do you will not regret it, particularly if you get to work with such a talented lot like I do on F4.

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