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This service helps patients to manage this condition through physical therapy, exercise, medication, and surgery in a small number of cases.

The most common symptom of Bronchiectasis is a persistent productive cough that usually brings up phlegm or ‘sputum’, sometimes associated with breathlessness and wheezing. While some people have only a few, intermittent symptoms, others have persistent daily symptoms which can have a significant impact on their lives.

Patients are treated by a multidisciplinary team, with drainage of lung secretions, combined with appropriate antibiotics, by nebulisation by mouth, and intravenously, often delivered through our outpatient antibiotic service (OPAT). Physical therapies and exercise are key components of successful care.

Patients with Cystic Fibrosis develop bronchiectasis, and are treated within MFT’s specialist Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre.


You can learn about our leading research work, how this benefits patients, and how you can get involved, by visiting our clinical research facility pages.


Patient referrals

Patients are referred to this service by their GPs or hospital consultants.

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Clinical Lead: Dr Caroline Baxter

Prof Andrew Jones, Dr Rowland Bright-Thomas, Prof Ashley Woodcock
Phone: 0161 291 2311


The Bronchiectasis Service is based at the North West Lung Centre in the Yellow Zone, through entrance 4.