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What to do in an emergency

If you need to contact the unit because you are a patient under our care and are unwell, please follow the guidelines below:

9am-5pm (Mon-Thurs) or 9am-2.30pm (Fri)

Please contact the CF specialist nurses on 0161 291 2015. If your problem cannot be simply dealt with over the phone, or by asking your GP to prescribe oral treatments, then you will be asked to come to the clinic for outpatient review. We do not normally admit patients direct to the ward without prior review.

All other times outside the above hours

If you feel you are unable to wait then you can speak to one of the ward nurses on 0161 291 4732. Please note this should only be for emergencies, and if patients need to be admitted they will need to go through A&E. We prefer to avoid this happening, and would always prefer to deal with problems earlier in the day.

For General information

Outpatients: 0161 291 2016
Pearce Ward: 0161 291 2147 / 0161 291 4161 
Administration: 0161 291 5007

Location and Parking

We are located in the Yellow Zone near Entrance 5 (Outpatients).

We are fortunate to have our own dedicated parking spaces just outside the CF unit. Just after you drive past the main hospital entrance, you will see a sign for CF unit parking on the left hand side. You will need to obtain an exit ticket for the car park from outpatients or from ward staff. Please note the car park is for patients and carers use only and other visitors will need to use the regular hospital car parks.


We are always grateful for any donations made to the unit. MACFC has its own charitable fund that is used to pay for equipment and services above and beyond that normally provided for by the NHS.

If you do wish to make a donation, please contact Professor Webb on 0161 291 5007. Alternatively, you can donate at: All donations come directly to the CF Centre, and this allows us to reclaim gift aid, increasing the value of any donations.