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Photo of Professor Jenny Myers
Professor Jenny Myers

Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal Medicine/Consultant Obstetrician (Saint Mary's @ Oxford Road Campus)

Placeholder photo for Dr Kristina Naidoo
Dr Kristina Naidoo

Consultant Gynaecologist

Photo of Professor Bill Newman
Professor Bill Newman

Clinical Head of Division and Senior Lecturer in Clinical Genetics

Photo of Dr Michelle Parr
Dr Michelle Parr

Clinical Lead , Consultant Neonatologist and Honorary Lecturer at Salford University

Photo of Dr Samiksha Patel
Dr Samiksha Patel

Consultant Obstetrician, Undergraduate Lead for Obstetrics (Saint Mary's Oxford Road Campus)

Photo of Dr Gareth Penman
Dr Gareth Penman

Surgical Lead, HIV Lead for Oxford Road Campus and Consultant Neonatologist

Placeholder photo for Dr Andy Pickersgill
Dr Andy Pickersgill

Consultant Gynaecologist

Placeholder photo for Dr Andrea Pilkington
Dr Andrea Pilkington

Consultant Obstetrician (Saint Mary's Wythenshawe Hospital)

Photo of Dr Shimma Rahman
Dr Shimma Rahman

Consultant Obstetrician (Saint Mary's Oxford Road Campus)

Photo of Dr Ranganath Ranganna
Dr Ranganath Ranganna

RCPCH Tutor, Deputy Regional Lead for Paediatrics and Consultant Neonatologist

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