Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

Saint Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated forensic, counselling and aftercare service to men, women and children living in the Greater Manchester area who have experienced rape or sexual assault, whether this has happened recently or in the past. We also offer immediate crisis support and a forensic medical service to Cheshire.

We offer:

  • Forensic medical examination.
  • Emergency contraception and sexual health screening/advice.
  • Immediate crisis support.
  • Ongoing support through the criminal justice process, access to other healthcare services and community based services.
  • Counselling for clients and their significant others.
  • Training and consultancy services.

All services are provided free of charge.

The Centre offers a dedicated children’s service to provide care and assessment for child victims of sexual abuse. Centre staff work in collaboration with the police and children and families services in the safeguarding of children who have experienced sexual crimes.

For more information about the work we do please visit: