There is a team of Dementia Specialist Nurses working across MFT to offer advice and support to patients, families, carers and staff affected by Dementia. To ensure quality and consistency in the provision of care for patients, the Specialist Nurses develop and facilitate training and education, with courses designed to meet the learning requirements of all staff.

MFT utilises the Getting to Know Me passport scheme to assist person-centred care delivery and offer a range of meaningful activity products. The Trust is also signed up to Johns Campaign, an initiative which welcomes carers to continue supporting people living with Dementia whilst in hospital.

MFT has the support of a Mental Health Liaison Team who are available to offer advice and support should a person living with Dementia have more complex needs and require further assessment.

MFT continues to embrace initiatives and adopt best practices which are evidence based to ensure those affected by Dementia have the best experience whilst in our care.

Please contact the Dementia Specialist Nurses across MFT for further information.


Contact Information

Wythenshawe, Trafford, Withington, and Altrincham Hospitals

  • Office Number: 0161 291 5927
  • Mobile Number: 07970375352


Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester Royal Eye, St Marys and University Dental Hospital of Manchester

  • Office Number: 0161 276 6795


North Manchester General Hospital  

Office Number: 0161 720 2151

Mobile Number: 07814818098