Ward Visiting Times

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Changes to our Visiting Policy 27th July.

In line with national guidance on 23rd June 2020 regarding the easing of previous measures in light of a reduced prevalence of Coronavirus in the UK, we have made further changes to our visiting policy effective from 27th July 2020:

  • For adult patients who are receiving end of life care or whose inpatient admission period exceeds 7 days, restricted visiting is permitted. Please contact  the Ward Manager/Nurse in Charge in advance to make suitable arrangements.
  • For any adult who has a learning disability or has cognitive impairment restricted visiting is permitted, where possible this should be by appointment and arranged in advance with the Ward Manager/Nurse in Charge.
  • Children (aged under 16 years) will only be permitted restricted visiting in adult clinical areas as assessed by a senior clinician and Ward Manager/Nurse in Charge as appropriate for a child to visit and, a visit can be safely accommodated.
  • Two named birth partners are permitted to accompany a woman in the Delivery Units/Birth Centre.
  • One parent/named family member may be resident with the child on our Children’s wards throughout their admission; if the child’s admission exceeds seven days, one additional named visitor may visit at a pre-arranged time.
  • For babies cared for in all areas of the Newborn service, two named visitors (usually the baby’s parents) may visit by appointment. For babies cared for in Neonatal Intensive Care areas, both parents may visit together for the first 24 hours of admission, after which one parent may stay with their baby.
  • One named adult visitor per patient is permitted in Maternity Wards.

We recognise the importance to patients of maintaining contact with their family, friends and carers whilst they are in hospital. Where possible, staff will facilitate other means of communicating, such as telephone calls, FaceTime and texting.

Anyone who meets the limited criteria to visit a patient will be directed to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds upon entering the clinical area and we would ask you to do the same on leaving the ward and during your visit if indicated.

Please be reminded that you should not visit the hospital if you have a high temperature or a new continuous cough.

Please do not visit if you feel unwell or have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Visitors who are vulnerable due to chronic health conditions must also be advised not to visit.

We will continue to review this policy as new national guidance is received.

Gynaecology (Ward 62)

2.00 pm – 4.30 pm & 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm daily (including weekends).

Please discuss with the ward manager or ward sisters if you require visiting outside of these hours. Visiting is strictly restricted to a maximum of 2 people per bed and we advise against children visiting.

Newborn Intensive Care (Ward 68)

We encourage you to visit your baby as frequently as possible and to stay as long as you are able to.

Other relatives and friends that come to see your baby must be with you or they will not be allowed onto the Unit. Only two people at a time are allowed to visit your baby at the cot side (one parent and one visitor) as the rooms can get very busy.

* The only time we ask you not to visit is during the doctors’ ward round, which are:

Intensive care rooms 4 and 5 – 9.00 am – 11.30 am

All other rooms – 9.00 am – 11.00 am

Breastfeeding facilities onsite

There are a number of breastfeeding facilities available throughout each hospital site. Please see below for a full list of feeding locations:

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital – Out-patient Department

Located on the ground floor within the main waiting area

Saint Mary’s Hospital

Located on the ground floor within the main hospital corridor, by the blood room (2 rooms)

Saint Mary’s Hospital – Located in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

For parents/families with babies on the unit

Saint Mary’s Hospital – Main hospital corridor

Located on the second floor, opposite the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s parents’ accommodation

Saint Mary’s Hospital – Scan department

Located on the ground floor within the main waiting area

Royal Eye Hospital atrium

By the main reception desk


Delivery Unit (Ward 64)

Women in labour – Open visiting for their birth partners only. This means a maximum of two visitors in total, and these individuals should ideally be decided on before your admission.

For women who have delivered their baby, including those requiring high dependency care, and women who are not in labour but are on the Delivery Unit:

8.00 am – 10.00 pm (partners only)

10.00 am – 8.00 pm (other visitors, but numbers are restricted to two at the bedside at any one time).