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Premature or poorly babies are vulnerable to infection, so it is important that we work with you to maintain very high standards of hygiene. Everyone who touches your baby has to wash their hands first and use an alcohol rub.

When your baby is admitted, a nurse will show you how to wash your hands effectively and help you to complete an assessment form so you are comfortable with what you need to do. In order to wash your hands properly, you need to remove rings and jewellery and keep your nails short.

To help us protect your baby, please keep any handling by visitors to a minimum, as this will help prevent any infections being passed to your baby.

If anyone who wishes to visit has a cough or cold, any kind of infection, or has been exposed to chickenpox, please discuss this with the nurse looking after your baby before they come to visit. This is for your baby’s protection.

Babies are allowed 1 toy and this should be washed weekly on a high temperature. If your baby is wearing his/her own clothes please bring clean clothes each day and take dirty clothes home for washing.

You are able to bring with you 1 soft teddy for your baby. This cannot be placed in your baby’s incubator or cot, for infection control reasons and to promote safe sleeping. We ask that you take home the soft toy/ teddy once a week to wash it.