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Newborn Services at our Oxford Road Campus is made up of 9 rooms providing different levels of care to your baby.

  • Intensive Care (ICU) – rooms 5 and 6 – for babies that are born prematurely or sick, needing ventilation or other critical support.
  • High Dependency (HDU) – rooms 1, 4, 7, 8, 9 – for babies that do not require ICU but still require complex care.
  • Special Care (SC) – rooms 2 and 3 – for babies that are just establishing feeds, growing and developing after needing complex care.

Newborn Services at our Wythenshawe site is made up of 3 rooms.

  • Intensive Care (ICU)
  • High Dependency (HDU)
  • Special Care (SC)

Newborn Services at our North Manchester site is made up of 5 rooms.

  • Room 1 – Intensive Care (ICU) and High Dependency (HDU)
  • Room 2 – High Dependency (HDU) and Special Care (SC)
  • Room 3 – High Dependency (HDU) and Special Care (SC)
  • Room 4 – Special Care (SC)
  • Room 5 – Isolation

Who will look after my baby?

Within these rooms there are a skilled mix of professionals who will be looking after your baby:


Additional Support

The unit also has a number of different teams that you may receive additional support from:

Everyone that works on our units are very friendly and very professional, please do not worry about speaking to anyone about your worries and fears whilst being in the care of Newborn Services.