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At Saint Mary’s Hospital we are able to offer a number of surgical procedures across our specialist services

During your outpatient appointment the consultant will discuss the possible treatment options available to you; which may include having an operation. This may take place at a first appointment or after you have been under their care for a period of time. The consultant will explain the procedure to you as well as discussing the risks and benefits of surgery to help you to make a decision as to whether this is right for you. You will be able to ask any questions you may have.

If you are happy to proceed the consultant will arrange for you to have the surgery. Before the surgery takes place you will be booked into have a pre-operative assessment where a number of checks and tests will be done to ensure you are fit and healthy enough for the operation.

Charter of Care:
At Saint Mary’s Hospital it is our aim to:

  • Respect all personal, cultural, and religious needs and beliefs.
  • Ensure your privacy and that all information about you is treated in confidence.
  • Keep you well informed at all times.
  • Discuss your care with you so that you can make informed choices.