Gynaecology is the branch of medicine which deals with the health of the female reproductive system.

The Women’s Health Unit at MFT’s Wythenshawe Hospital offers purpose-built facilities for the care of female patients.

The self-contained unit, which opened in 2010, contains:

  • A 26-bed ward for breast and gynaecological patients.
  • Two pre-op assessment areas – one for breast care and one for gynaecology.
  • A Gynaecological Assessment Unit.
  • An Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit.
  • A Women’s Health Suite which offers outpatient clinics such as the fast-access Post-Menopausal Bleed Clinic and minor procedures to investigate gynaecological conditions such as hysteroscopies, biopsies, hycosies and colposcopies.

The Gynaecological Assessment Unit is for women with minor gynaecological conditions, abdominal pain or bleeding, who would otherwise normally be seen in A&E. The Post Menopausal Bleed Clinic is a designated service for 2 Week Wait GP referrals.

Our Consultants have specialist expertise in particular areas of Gynaecology. Miss Sreebala Sripada specialises in fertility and Mr Andrew Pickersgill in laproscopic surgery.


Women with cervical problems or who have received an abnormal result from a routine smear test are directly referred to MFT’s colposcopy suite. The colposcopy suite is run by specialist trained staff that provide five to six clinics per week which see around 2,500 people each year, of which around 900 are new patients. All urgent GP referrals are seen within two weeks.  We also offer nurse-led follow up clinics.

Gynaecology Oncology – Cancer Services

While the majority of our patients present with minor gynaecological conditions, MFT is also the designated specialist gynaecological cancer centre for surgery within the South Sector of Greater Manchester.

Community Services

GPs may refer patients to community-based ‘Tier 2’ gynaecology services when they feel hospital-based assessment is not immediately necessary. The Tier 2 service may then refer patients on to a hospital consultant if they feel this is appropriate.


Referrals are accepted from GPs, midwives and the Emergency Department.



Phone: 0161 291 5060


Colposcopy appointments via waiting list  – 0161 291 2907
Smear appointments and general enquiries – 0161 291 5446
Nurse Colposcopist – 0161 291 5446


The Women’s Health Unit and Colposcopy Unit are located on Ward F16 on the link corridor between the Education and Research Centre and the main hospital building, in the Orange Zone. If you are arriving by car, you can park in the Maternity car park off Floats Road, at the rear of the site.