Physician Associates (PAs)

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MFT currently employ 33 PAs, based in AMU, AMRU, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic/Transplant, Elderly Care, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Respiratory, Urology, Vascular Surgery and GP Practices

The PAs have a life science or allied health degree and have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Physician Associate studies at university.  As qualified PAs, although not doctors, they will have been similarly trained to the medical model in order to carry out many of the day-to-day activities normally performed by medically trained staff, including the management of complex disease.

PAs are able to:

  • Take a patient’s history
  • Perform examinations
  • Undertake a variety of procedures
  • Investigate, diagnose and treat many conditions
  • Work with patients, relatives and other healthcare professionals to optimise care
  • Facilitate a safe and e­fficient discharge from hospital

If you would like further information on the programme, please contact the following:

Marylyn Dickinson, Associate Director of Medical Education & Non Clinical Lead for PAs by emailing or call 0161 291 6666

Dr Cara Hendry, Consultant Cardiologist & Clinical Lead for PAs by emailing or call 0161 276 5426

Rachelle Walker, Senior Administrator for PAs by emailing or call 0161 291 5877

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