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Manchester Royal Infirmary placement areas are:


Research and Innovation

Specialist Medicine


Clinical Scientific Services

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital & University Dental Hospital placement areas are:

Day Case

Eye Theatres

MREH Outpatients

Ward 55

Altrincham site placement area is:

Day Unit

Trafford site placement area is:

Macular Treatment Centre

Withington site placement area is:

Cataract Centre

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital placement areas are:

Ward 75

Ward 76

Ward 77

Ward 78

Ward 79 – Children’s Clinical Research Facility

Ward 80 & 82 – Paediatric Critical Care

Ward 81

Burns and Plastics Aftercare Clinic

Ward 83

Ward 84 – Inpatients

Ward 84 – Outpatients (Short Stay)

Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Stem Cell Gene Therapy Unit

Haemophilia Unit

Ward 85

Paediatric Emergency Department

Paediatric Theatres

IV Therapy Team

Paediatric Outpatients

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) placement areas:

Galaxy House – Central Inpatients CAMHS

Winnicott Centre – Central Outpatients CAHMS

Carol Kendrick Centre – South CAMHS

Salford CAMHS

Wythenshawe site placement areas are:

Starlight (F8) – Inpatients/Paediatric Observation and Assessment Unit (POAU) and Day Unit

Paediatric Accident and Emergency

Trafford site placement area is:

Children’s Resource Centre

St Marys Hospital placement areas are:



Community Midwives

Ward 47 a (MLU – Birth Centre)

Ward 47b

Ward 64 (Birth Centre)

Enhanced Recovery Bay (Ward 64)

Triage (Ward 64a)

Ward 65

Ward 66

NICU (Ward 68)

Wythenshawe site placement areas are:


Delivery Suite (Birth Centre)

Ward C2

Ward C3

Community Midwives


Trafford Hospital site placement area is:


Salford Royal Infirmary site placement area is: