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Academy Library Catering Facilities ATM facility

Academy Library.

How to find us: The library is situated on the ground floor of the Education & Research Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital.

All staff and students based at the trust are welcome to join and use the library.

Opening hours: All library areas are open 24/7.

Staffed hours are: Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm

During unstaffed hours students can swipe into the Library and Multimedia Room using their trust ID badge. To borrow, return or renew items using the self-service machine, students need to ask the library staff to register their trust ID badge.

Post returned books and DVDs in the Library Return Box located outside the

Library entrance.  Many resources and services can be accessed online via our

external website.

Contact us: Tel: 291 5778/5780 Email:

Catering Facilities

There are several food outlets in UHSM and placement staff can guide students on the location and opening times depending where students are based.

Students allocated to community placements will have access to buy at local shops. Staff will inform students where these are and about the rest facilities available on placement


There is a Royal Bank of Scotland ATM cash machine on site at Wythenshawe

Hospital, outside the ‘Moment To’ café on the ground floor, F Block.