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Placements at Withington Community Hospital:

  • MREH Cataract Centre
  • Day treatment Centre
  • Sexual Health Clinic
  • Audiology department
  • Out- patient services
  • Community MacMillan Nurse specialists
  • Community nursing – patch 3

Information for students

Car parking and access to IT is available on the Withington site

Your mentor/educator in your placement will arrange a car parking pass and computer logins as part of your local induction

Placement contact details

Withington Community Hospital- TEL: switch 0161 434 5555

Nell Lane/West Didsbury. M20 2LR

Sexual Health Unit

Withington Community Hospital

0161 217 3180/4446

Day Treatment Centre

Withington Community Hospital

0161 217 3009
Out Patients Department
Community Macmillan Team 0161 217 3355
Audiology Department
Community Nursing Patch 3 0161 217 4124