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UKAS Accreditation

The services provided by the North West Genomics Laboratory Hub Manchester site and the Liverpool site are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO 15189 standards (reference numbers 9865 and 9322 respectively).

Schedules of Accreditation

Manchester (9865)

Liverpool (9322)

Christie Pathology Partnership LLP (8697)

Liverpool Clinical Laboratories (9785)

A small number of laboratory tests will be performed out of the scope of accreditation. These may be new services that are not yet fully accredited by UKAS but have undergone validation within the laboratory and are subject to ongoing internal quality control. There may also be instances where an accredited test is performed outside the scope of accreditation. For example, FISH test reagents may occasionally exceed the manufacturer’s expiry date and thus the test is performed outside the scope of accreditation. In these instances the test will be carried out according to the same procedures and internal quality control standards. In all cases it will be clearly stated on the laboratory report that the test has been performed outside the scope of accreditation.