WGS Sample Requirements

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Amount of Material

  • Large tumours

–5x5x2mm cube; 10x3x2mm slice; 5mm Punch biopsy

  • Small tumours

–20mm (L) x 2mm (D) core biopsy

  • Biopsy Samples

–2-3 needle cores / 1-2 standard endoscopic forceps biopsies

Neoplastic cell content

  • Invasive malignant nuclei ≥30% (<20% necrosis)

–Tumour assessment to be made on:

  • Frozen section of tissue to be submitted
  • FFPE mirror block of tissue to be submitted
  • Or FFPE of area surrounding punch biopsies to be submitted

Additional information and Transport

  • Sample selection undertaken within 2 hours of excision unless refrigerated.
  • Maintained unfixed for 72hours if refrigerated at 4oC
  • If sample to take over 72 hours from excision to GLH freeze samples prior to dispatch to GLH extraction laboratory using: LN2, Cryospray, Dry ice