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Notification of Poor Performance in EMQN Oncogene Panel EQA scheme

In April 2021, the laboratory received a persistent poor performance notification from EMQN for poor performances in both the 2019 and 2020 Oncogene panel testing scheme, a genotyping only scheme. In both cases the laboratory did not submit to EMQN all the variants that were present. We have made full investigations. In the 2019 scheme one of the gene variants present was detected but not submitted to EMQN due to an overinterpretation of the scheme instructions. In the 2020 scheme two of the gene variants present were detected but not submitted to EMQN due to an internal miscommunication about which genes we needed to report variants in.

Thus, in both cases the error related solely to an omission in what was submitted to EMQN and bears no reflection on the ability of the laboratory panel test to detect variants. As such, there is no risk to our diagnostic oncology service or to patients who have been tested using this panel.

If you wish to discuss this further please contact the Quality Lead or Lead Scientist for Cancer Genomics on the Manchester site.