Laboratory Test Service Turnaround Times

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The laboratories aim to report all genomic tests within the NHS England genomic test reporting time guidelines (examples below). Please note that reporting times will vary depending on the test type and referral type. The turnaround times for specific laboratory services can be found on the relevant GLH service profiles.

Category (mapping to test directory) Sub-categories Calendar Days Examples
Ultra Rapid N/A 3 days QF-PCR for rapid trisomy detection
      Urgent haemato-oncology FISH/RT-PCR
      PCR-based tests where the result is needed urgently for prenatal diagnosis
Ultra rapid NA 7 days NIPT
Rapid Rapid 14 days Microarray for prenatal / urgent postnatal (e.g. neonatal referrals)
    Urgent Haemato-oncology karyotyping
    Mutation specific molecular pathology tests
    Southern blot tests where the result is needed urgently for prenatal diagnosis
    PCR-based tests for predictive testing and confirmation of neonatal results
  Complex rapid 21 days Urgent panels and exomes for relevant indications
Standard Somatic Cancer 21 days Standard HO karyotyping (e.g. MDS)
      NGS panels for HO referrals
      NGS panels for molecular  pathology referrals
  Rare Disease 42 days (6 weeks) Standard paediatric microarray Standard single gene and small gene panel (<10 gene) sequencing
Known familial mutation testing Standard STR based analysis Postnatal karyotyping (e.g. fertility or familial microarray follow-up)
Complex Standard Rare Disease 84 days (12 weeks) Large gene-panels (>10 genes) or WES for standard referral indications
    Part a) 42 days (6 weeks) Expectation for delivery of centralised WGS (from DNA sample receipt to return of vcf and/or filtered variants to GLH)
    Part b) 42 days (6 weeks) Validation/reporting of centralised WGS results after receipt at GLH