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The laboratory can provide advice on any scientific and technical issues. Please contact the appropriate testing laboratory by telephone or email. Please note that patient information is only secure when sent from one account to another account. Patient-identifiable information should NOT be sent when using other laboratory email addresses.

For advice on clinical and counselling issues please contact the appropriate Clinical Genetics Service at Liverpool or Manchester.

The NW Genomics Laboratory Hub is committed to continual improvement and welcomes feedback on our services from both healthcare professionals and patients. Please address any such emails to Andrea Naughton (NW GLH Quality Lead) and Emma Howard (NW GLH Scientific Operational Director) here.

To informally discuss any issues, please contact the appropriate laboratory directly or get in touch with the GLH Quality Lead. Formal complaints can be made via the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) team at the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (contact details here).