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  • Formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) material should be reviewed by a histo/cyto-pathologist to identify areas containing tumour cells and determine suitability for testing.
  • Sections should be cut using a microtome and floated on the surface of a purified waterbath at 40+/-2°C. The sections should then be mounted onto glass slides and air dried (positively charged slides for FISH).
  • An H&E stained slide clearly marked with the areas of tumour to be examined should accompany all sections for FISH testing and for samples where it is required to enhance the neoplastic cell content to >20% for other services.
  • Please avoid baking slides or heating samples
  • All samples require labelling with the pathology number and two additional patient identifiers
  • Please send appropriate corresponding paperwork with the samples
  • Please contact the laboratory for additional guidance or if you are unsure whether a sample is suitable
  • If you do not have the facility to provide cut sections and so the neoplastic cell content assessment please contact the laboratory.