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The Preterm Birth Prevention Clinic is a specialist service dedicated to caring for those women who are at higher risk of having a preterm birth or a late miscarriage because of issues related to cervical weakness.

We provide holistic care from postnatal debrief appointments following a preterm birth through to preconception appointments to develop individualised management plans for women, and care in ongoing pregnancies.

We see women with a wide range of issues which can result in preterm birth such as:

  • Previous preterm birth or ruptured membranes
  • Previous need for intervention such as cervical cerclage (stitch around the cervix to keep it closed)
  • Previous cervical surgery
  • Known uterine anomalies
  • Previous Caesarean section at full dilatation

We offer:

  • Initial appointment from 16-18 weeks
  • Transvaginal (internal) ultrasound scan to assess cervical length
  • Consultant led care with specialist midwifery support
  • Tailored management options which may include cervical cerclage or Arabin (cervical) pessary
  • Opportunity to be involved in research studies


Saint Mary’s Oxford Road Campus – the clinics are held every Monday morning

Saint Mary’s @ Wythenshawe – the clinics are held every Tuesday morning/afternoon


Saint Mary’s Hospital, Oxford Road Campus – Tommy’s Research Clinics on the 5th floor

Saint Mary’s @ Wythenshawe – Antenatal Clinic, entrance 13

Contact Details

Saint Mary’s Oxford Road Campus – the secretary can be contacted on (0161) 701 7158, Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm. The specialist midwife can be contacted on (0161) 701 6980

Saint Mary’s @ Wythenshawe – email:; secretary (0161) 291 5407

The Team

Saint Mary’s Oxford Road Campus – Dr. Melissa Whitworth & Dr. Clare Mullan, Consultant Obstetricians

Clare Waters, Specialist Midwife

Saint Mary’s @ Wythenshawe – Dr. Ghazia Saleemi & Dr. Louise Howarth, Consultant Obstetrician

Sarah Thomas, Specialist Midwife