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Manchester NHS Foundation Trust is part of the Greater Manchester Smokefree pregnancy programme.   Our service provides support to pregnant women in quitting smoking.  We offer support at across Manchester including Oxford road, Salford, Trafford, North Manchester and Wythenshawe.

If you smoke and want to quit our team can support you. We have a dedicated referral phoneline and will contact you within 1 working day after your referral is made to arrange an appointment. This appointment with a stop smoking advisor will be facilitated within 5 working days of the referral.

The MFT Smokefree pregnancy service team have 5 Stop smoking advisors and a specialist midwife.  We will offer you weekly appointments for the first 4 weeks and then every 4 weeks throughout your pregnancy to support you to quit smoking.  We will provide you with nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to support your quit journey.  We will also give you a CO monitor for home use and ask you to send your readings to your advisor.  We have an incentive scheme to encourage you to quit and will offer you vouchers when you validate your quit success with a CO reading of 3 or below.

You will have a dedicated advisor that you can contact if you need anything support between your appointments for example if you are struggling with cravings and urges to smoke or if you need a further supply of NRT.

MFT Smokefree pregnancy service referral phoneline: 07971 115 482