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We offer assessment and treatment for a range of different pregnancy related conditions including: Pelvic pain in pregnancy, urinary incontinence, rib pain and separation of the abdominal muscles.

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Treatments can include

  • Advice and education regarding posture and movement patterns
  • Exercises
  • Deep tissue therapies/release
  • Manual techniques
  • Pain relief advice
  • Advice on positioning for labour
  • Advice regarding appropriate equipment

How can I access this service?

You can access physiotherapy services at various locations across Manchester, depending on where you live and where you are having your baby.  We have physiotherapy services at:

St Mary’s Hospital, Oxford Road Campus

If you are booked to have your baby at Saint Mary’s Hospital Oxford Road Campus, then you can self-refer to physiotherapy at any point in your pregnancy and up to 12 weeks after the birth of your baby.

Please contact us on (0161) 276 6411 between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm to make an appointment.  Alternatively, your midwife or GP can make a direct referral to us.


Rehabilitation Unit, Ground Floor, Saint Mary’s Hospital (just between the White Rabbit and the Cashier’s Office).

Contact details

To make/cancel/rearrange appointments or to speak to one of our team please call (0161) 276 6411.

Saint Mary’s @ Wythenshawe

To see a physiotherapist at Wythenshawe hospital, your GP or midwife can make the referral for you.


Out-patient Physiotherapy Department.  Access is via Entrance 5, Green Zone.  The Physiotherapy department is located just behind the WRVS café.

Contact details

To cancel or rearrange your appointment, please call 0161 291 2178

Trafford General Hospital and Altrincham Hospital

If you are booked to have your baby at either Wythenshawe or St Mary’s, but live in the Trafford area, there are Physiotherapy services closer to home.

To see a Physiotherapist, you can self refer to the service from 14 weeks of pregnancy by phoning 0300 323 0303 and ask to refer to the Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Team.  Alternatively, your GP or midwife can also refer you.


Trafford General Hospital, Physiotherapy Department, Green Zone

Altrincham Hospital, Physiotherapy Department, 3rd Floor.

Contact details

To cancel or rearrange your appointment please call 0161 746 2525 (Trafford General Hospital) or 0161 413 7772 (Altrincham)

Information Leaflets and Videos

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