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The COVID-19 pandemic created a need to innovate at pace and almost overnight, we have introduced a range of innovations, digital systems and platforms into our day-to-day functioning to help us continue to deliver safe, consistent and high-quality clinical care whilst helping to make things easier for the women who use our services.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust are using a Digital System called Attend Anywhere to support video consultations.

Attend Anywhere is an online platform that you and your Midwife or Obstetrician can use without downloading any additional software. You will enter a designated virtual waiting area, via a button on the Trust website or via a link you receive via text/letter, and then waits in their own private video room until you Midwife or Doctor is ready to join you.

Please note that virtual appointments are not appropriate for all appointments and are used in some specialist clinics and specific situations. Your midwife will advise you when a virtual clinic is offered