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The Maternal Medicine Service provides specialist services within Saint Mary’s Hospital and provides multidisciplinary care for women with medical conditions.

The maternal medicine service is led by a team of specialist midwives who work with obstetricians and specialist physicians who have expertise in the management of a range of medical conditions. Several different specialist clinics make up the maternal medicine service.

The midwives working across the service can be contacted by telephone 0161 7014871 / 0161 276 6360

The specialist clinics include:

Maternal Medicine Clinic (MMC)

The MMC provides multidisciplinary (midwifery, obstetric and medical) care for women with a variety of medical conditions including respiratory problems, inflammatory bowel disease, women with cancer and women with kidney disease. As well as providing specialist care and support within the Tuesday afternoon clinic, the team work alongside specialists in medical problems from across the hospital. The team also provide care for women who are planning to have their baby at another hospital, but for whom some expert advice is needed – for example to discuss the safety of a specific treatment or investigation during pregnancy. The maternal medicine team is part of a larger network of medical specialists who work across the hospitals in the North West to share clinical experience.

For more information please contact: Philippa Rix (specialist midwife) 0161 7014871 or or