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At Saint Mary’s Hospitals our priority is to keep you and your baby safe. Following national guidance from Public Health England we are now testing all women who require admission to the hospital. This includes women who have symptoms of Covid-19 (such as a cough, temperature, problems with breathing, or loss of taste or smell), as well as women who have no symptoms of Covid-19.

We are currently offering women a COVID-19 test in the following situations:

  • 2–3 days prior to an elective procedure such as induction of labour or elective caesarean section
  • If you are admitted to hospital during your pregnancy
  • When you are admitted to hospital in labour
  • At regular intervals throughout your inpatient stay, should it be greater than 2 days
  • If you are re-admitted to hospital after the birth of your baby and being discharged home

For further information about Covid-19 testing for all admissions to Saint Mary’s Hospital