Non Small Cell Lung Cancer – ctDNA

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EGFR-activating mutations are detected in ~11% of NSCLC (adenocarcinoma) UK patients and these patients show a higher likelihood of response to treatment with EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Adequate biopsy material is not always available as patients may be too unwell or the neoplastic cell content is too low for EGFR mutation analysis. DNA circulating in plasma from blood can be used as an alternative where a biopsy is inadequate as DNA is shed from tumour tissue at increased level in patients with active or advanced disease.

EGFR mutation analysis can be done on blood samples from patients with a diagnosis of NSCLC where biopsy material is not available or inadequate (e.g. too little material, neoplastic cell content <10%), or from patients where EGFR mutated disease has previously been identified but who have progressed following EGFR-TKI therapy where the results are being used to monitor progression, molecular resistance or enrolment on clinical trials.

Please refer to the National Genomic Test Directory for Cancer here.

Reporting times

ctDNA EGFR 14 calendar days

ctDNA T790M 7 calendar days

Sample Requirements

  • Minimum of 12ml EDTA blood sample. The sample should ideally reach the laboratory within 6 hours of being taken, if this is not possible then it should arrive within 24 hours of being taken.
  • Please note that analytical sensitivity declines in patients that have commenced chemotherapy.

Requesting a test

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