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All pregnancy loss samples for genomic testing are initially processed at the NW GLH Liverpool laboratory. In certain cases, DNA is transferred to the NW GLH Manchester laboratory for further testing.

Where possible, DNA extraction will entirely exhaust the small sample that has been received by the laboratory and there will be no sample remaining. Occasionally, excess tissue is sent to us, and there is a small amount of remaining sample.

To improve and streamline our early pregnancy loss service, we have developed a Discussion and Consent Form to be completed by the referrer with the patient and this will inform the woman’s wishes for any potential remaining sample. This new form comes into effect from 1st November 2022. Please refer to our Discussion and Consent Letter to Referrers for information and guidance.

Please ensure that, in all early pregnancy loss cases, a Discussion and Consent Form is completed in addition to the standard NW GLH Genomic Testing Request Form – Rare Disease.

Please follow our specific guidance on referral and sample acceptance criteria, transport requirements and the essential referral information that is required. This can be found here: Solid Tissue Sample Requirements and Referral Criteria.