Public Governor for Rest of Greater Manchester

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Carol Shacklady

Public Governor (Greater Manchester)

Public Governor for Rest of Greater Manchester

Term of Office: 3 Years – Ending at 2023 Annual/Special Members’ Meeting.

Carol was previously a Public Governor at CMFT and has over thirty years’ experience within healthcare, first as a physiotherapist and then as a physiotherapy educator. In her previous role as a Governor, Carol participated in internal quality reviews alongside being involved in the planning of clinical leadership schemes.

A strong advocate of the NHS, she recognises the vital services it provides for communities. She is keen to ensure that all current and future MFT patients experience high quality care, and through the Council of Governors wants to support the Trust to deliver positive health outcomes.

She believes the public voice is vital and wants to ensure the Trust’s decision-making and future plans continue to uphold its values, high standards of care and reflect the needs of patients, families, carers and NHS staff.