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Colin Owen

Public Governor (Greater Manchester)

Public Governor for Rest of Greater Manchester

I’m now retired after 38 years of service in the NHS having been an employee of MFT as part of Wythenshawe Hospital.   I was honoured to have served as a Staff Governor previously and through my past experience of this role and the skills and attributes that I have acquired, will apply the key knowledge and learning to my current role as Public Governor.

I have the dedicated time and energy to fulfil the Governor role and seek appropriate assurances from Non-Executive Directors that patient and staff views are being considered when important changes and decisions are being made.

As a carer of elderly relatives, myself, I have a keen interest in advocacy for carers, and as a Public Governor a key focus for me will be ensuring that members and wider public views are represented on such matters as, waiting lists, navigating appointments efficiently, and patient feedback is acknowledged and applied where practical to forward plans.

Elected: September 2023 (1st term)

Term of Office: 3 Years – Ending at 2026 Annual Members’ Meeting.