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Geraldine Thompson

Staff Governor (Other Clinical)

Staff Governor for Other Clinical

Through my past experience as a former Governor, I feel I have a thorough understanding of the commitment required and have previously contributed during the development of outpatient standards, staff wellbeing and support, staff training and development, and apprenticeships.

With 30 years’ experience as a Healthcare Scientist, I feel that I understand the issues facing the NHS and the aspirations that the new Trust is striving to achieve.  I’m proud to represent the interests of Other Clinical Staff including Allied Health Professionals and Healthcare Scientists, and those other hidden professions working tirelessly behind the scenes.

I also understand some of the inequalities of health care provision which the Trust is actively taking proactive steps to address for patients across the region, in addition to staff recruitment and retention.

As a Governor, I will ensure the interests of all members are fairly represented. I believe that everyone should have a voice in the development of services, therefore collaboratively future proofing health care for Manchester and Greater Manchester.


Elected:                                               December 2017 (1st term)

Re-Elected:                                        September 2020 (2nd term)

Re-Elected:                                        September 2023 (3rd & final term)

Term of Office:  3 Years – Ending at 2026 Annual Members’ Meeting