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Karen Scott

Staff Governor (Nursing and Midwifery)

Staff Governor for Nursing and Midwifery

Having worked in the NHS for near 40 years, my dedication to my nursing role, staff, patients and the Trust is of paramount importance to me alongside continually developing and improving upon the services we provide.

My leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours have always helped me to effectively engage, with my passion being to ensure patients have a good healthcare experience.  Alongside my colleagues, we aim and strive to provide an excellence service which improves the work of the Trust.

Actively listening to staff experiences and by involving them are the key attributes that I feel helps to support and improve care.  In addition, effectively communicating with staff and patients is a key practice that I also feel ultimately leads to new achievements and advancements being made, which I will put to good use in my Staff Governor role.

Elected: September 2022 (1st term)

Term of Office:  3 Years – Ending at 2025 Annual/Special Members’ Meeting