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Prof. Manisha Kumar

Nominated Governor to Integrated Care System

Nominated Governor for Integrated Care System

I am the Chief Medical Officer for the NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board which is  part of the wider integrated care system across Greater Manchester.  In my role, I lead on clinical leadership and improvement, effectiveness, and clinical governance; mental health, the women’s health strategy and clinical research and innovation.

During the pandemic, I led the Covid Vaccination Programme as part of the primary care response to the pandemic, across the City of Manchester.

As a medical graduate from Manchester University, the majority of my career has been as an inner-city GP.  I have also held other key roles including the training of GPs, advocating and progressing the development of clinical leadership roles in healthcare alongside having key roles in redesigning clinical systems.

I am passionate about improving the quality of healthcare and seeing a reduction in the variation of care provided to patients. Promoting partnership, inclusion and improving population health will be a key focus in my role as Nominated Governor.

Nominated                                 September 2023 (1st Term)

Term of Office:  3 Years – Ending at 2023 Annual Members’ Meeting