Electron Microscopy

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Electron microscopy looks at the ultrastructural composition of a specimen. Electron microscopy is routinely carried out on both native renal biopsies and longstanding renal transplant biopsies. In all other instances electron microscopy will be undertaken at the request of the Consultant Histopathologist.

If the user would specifically like to request electron microscopy on a specimen, the appropriate Consultant Histopathologist must be contacted prior to biopsy.

For any other information please contact the Lead Biomedical Scientist for Electron Microscopy Lee Crompton on 0161 701 0975 or 0161 276 8806.


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) Cellular Pathology Electron Microscopy (EM) Service is situated on the Ground Floor of Clinical Sciences Building 1 at the Oxford Road Campus and forms part of the Cellular Pathology Adult Histopathology Service. We provide an adult and paediatric diagnostic transmission electron microscopy service for MFT and for several external Trusts nationwide.

The Service is well-equipped with a modern transmission electron microscope and specialised technical equipment. A close team of 2.5 (whole time equivalent) dedicated, skilled & experienced Biomedical Scientists provide a high quality EM service with the additional support of a 0.5 WTE Medical Laboratory Assistant and one of several staff members in training who rotate into EM from Adult Histopathology. Together, the team process and analyse around 600 requests per year.

We participate in a dedicated EM external quality assurance scheme and have a well-established, comprehensive quality management system in place. As part of the MFT Cellular Pathology Department, The EM unit is provisionally accredited to ISO 15189: 2012.


(Last reviewed 19th June 2018)