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Christine Turner

Public Governor (Rest of England and Wales)

Public Governor for Rest of England and Wales

Public Governor (Rest of England and Wales)

Term of Office:  3 Years – Ending at 2025 Annual/Special Members’ Meeting

Elected: December 2017 (1st term)

Re-Elected: September 2019 (2nd term)

Re-Elected: September 2022 (3rd & final term)

Term of Office: 3 Years – Ending September 2025

I believe Governors have a vital role to play in seeking assurance on the Trust’s performance.

As a retired qualified nurse with 40 years’ experience, I have extensive experience of working in the health care sector. I also have experience of engaging with the public as a Councillor and representing their views. I am passionate about good patient care and I believe that a good experience when visiting or staying in hospital is everyone’s right.

Enthusiastic, honest and reliable I also have a good work ethic. I will ensure that the many residents who live outside the Greater Manchester area and use MFT’s services have a voice in the Trust and receive the best possible health care services.