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Cllr Mike Cordingley

Nominated Governor – Trafford Borough Council

Nominated Governor for Local Authority Councils

I was born in Trafford General Hospital and I’ve lived in Trafford for most of my life.  As a retired civil servant, I’m devoted to improving the infrastructures that enable our communities to thrive and live well.


My experiences of the NHS include lifesaving treatments at Trafford General and other hospitals and am grateful for the care and treatments provided which for me are fundamental attributes and the beauty of the NHS – being there when we need it.


As the Nominated Governor for Trafford Borough Council, I feel the skills and experiences that I have gained will be put to good use and will enable me to contribute by seeking assurances on behalf of members and the wider-public in addition to supporting the Trust in its delivery of NHS service provisions that started in Davyhulme and has evolved into this great institution.


Term of Office:  3 Years – Ending at 2026 Annual Members’ Meeting

Nominated: September 2023 (1st term)