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Janet Heron

Public Governor (Manchester)

Public Governor for Manchester Constituency

Public Governor (Manchester)

Term of Office: 3 Years – Ending at 2025 Annual/Special Members’ Meeting

Elected: December 2017 (1 term)

Re-Elected: September 2019 (2 term)

Re-Elected: September 2022 (3rd & final term)

Term of Office: 3 Years – Ending September 2025

I’ve lived in Manchester all my adult life and was delighted to be re-elected to the Council of Governors, actively contributing to the NHS which I feel should continue to remain free for patients, being in public ownership, rather than the private domain.

My experience as a Trust Governor has included training, attending and participating in meetings and seeking assurance about the Trust’s performance.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust’s staff have worked exceptionally hard in caring for people which I feel we can all be very proud of.  Going forward these exceptional efforts will continue to be needed which will require further support to be sustained.  Therefore key priorities for me as a Governor include:

  • Support the Trust’s very good work on staff wellbeing and care, and its development and improvement.
  • Support and retain NHS staff in their work by providing access to the resources including finances, to do their jobs successfully.
  • Support all opportunities to increase staff recruitment and training post-Brexit.