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Mr Mark Gifford

Group Non-Executive Director

Board Member

Mark has considerable strategic leadership experience in both the commercial and public sectors. He has held senior roles in national, large complex and very successful organisations.
As a strong, transformational, and commercial leader at Waitrose and Partners, Mark led the pulling together of the North, South, Convenience operations into one Division which created unity, drove down costs, alongside improving customer experience.

In his role as CEO of National Citizens Service (NCS), Mark is answerable to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport. He used his skills and experience to reduce costs whilst also improving the quality and relevance of the services provided. Mark was instrumental in strengthening the organisation’s governance arrangements by establishing robust risk management processes. He also championed the move into the digital world to improve the capacity and capability of teams alongside improving customer experience.

Serving the community has been a key motivating driver for Mark throughout his career. His service in School Governorship and now as an Academy Director has enabled key transferrable skills acquired as a Director to benefit Mark’s other roles/organisations.

Mark was born, studied and lives in Manchester. He and his family have been service users of the Trust, alongside having family members who are healthcare professionals. Mark feels passionately about the NHS, and as a Group Non-Executive Director, he wishes to offer his skills and experience in service to others and the Trust to improve the health and quality of life of our Manchester communities.