Ophthalmic pathology

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There is an NHS National Specialist Ophthalmic Pathology Service (NSOPS), which, along with reporting specimens from the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, is a tertiary referral centre commissioned by NCG (National Commissioning Group), offering a free-of-charge ophthalmic pathology service to all NHS Trusts in England.

The team currently provides a comprehensive service to a number of regional and national NHS providers and are available to discuss any requests for reporting specimens and possibly attendance at MDTs externally.

There are two Consultant Histopathologists that specialise in ophthalmic pathology and the team also includes an experienced dedicated Lead Biomedical Scientist.

For further information please contact Dr Joe Shaw on 0161 276 6924 or Dr Luciane Irion on 0161 276 8813, or Anna McEwen on 0161 276 5806.


Ophthalmic pathology forms part of Adult Histopathology and provides a diagnostic service in ophthalmic histopathology and cytopathology. It is one of 4 laboratories within England making up the National Specialist Ophthalmic Pathology Service (NSOPS).

NSOPS laboratories were commissioned by the National Commissioning Group (now the Advisory Group for National Specialised Services) and are centrally funded. This means that NHS cases submitted to NSOPS laboratories for examination are seen without charge to the referring clinician for patients in England.

The laboratory aims to provide a high quality and timely service with provision of expertise in diagnosis using an appropriate range of techniques including histology, cytology, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy.

The department consists of two consultant histopathologists (one full-time and one part-time), an ophthalmic lead biomedical scientist and a clerical staff member.

The department is committed to the safe and secure handling and disposal of confidential information and accurately reporting results of investigations in a timely, confidential and clinically useful manner.

Material may be submitted elsewhere for techniques not performed within the department, such as PCR studies/ molecular studies.

The department does not arrange or provide the following diagnostic laboratory services: microbiology, virology, immunology, haematology, biochemistry, or advice on control of infection.


(Last reviewed 30th May 2017)